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ERIK PASCOLI International provides the complete solution for yacht: sales - brokerage - technical and financial consulting, yacht management services, for all types and sizes of vessels.

ERIK PASCOLI International collaborates with world renowned yacht designers, super yacht builders and shipyards, maritime lawyers and financial consultants to deliver an excellent level of personal service and attention. Whether one is looking to buy, sell or charter a yacht, the choices to be made are arduous and complex.

We are challenged and entrusted with the task of recognizing the Client’s needs, tastes, space requirements and comfort desired, often without explicit specifications or explanations, to propose yachts that meet His/Her expectations.

ERIK PASCOLI International, whether negotiating or consulting transactions for both motor and sailing yachts, offers the “know how” necessary to deliver concise information and clear recommendations, swiftly, therefor saving the Client precious time and unwanted frustration. By providing contacts to the best European shipyards and International yacht Designers we offer ample solutions to make the Client’s desires reality. In addition to being a means of pleasurable transport, the Yacht is evermore becoming a prestigious investment and an image icon, used to promote oneself or one’s professional or private activities.

ERIK PASCOLI International with strong experience in the sector offers to its Clients the most complete package of professional services, providing consultancy prior to the achievement of yacht ownership.



Orientation - recommendation for selection of designer/architect for project creation and Shipyard for Yacht construction & refitting. Forecasting costs, negotiating with contractors and shipyards. Coordination and management during the construction period, selection of materials and outfitting equipment and suppliers, quotation negotiation, quality control and acceptance, time management, date obligations, sea trials, assistance.


Class and flag state procuration in addition to providing advice on fiscal policy and tax saving opportunities. Conception of operational budgets, reflecting the yachts priorities during use, to plan for monthly expenses and unplanned costs. Monitoring budgets with accurate, detailed monthly accounts. Insurance policy advice and renewal.


From a vast personal database of qualified personnel ERIK PASCOLI INT. can offer opportunity of selecting the appropriate staff and personnel. Managing crew payrolls, setting up bank accounts and transfers. Payment of crew social charges and personal insurance.


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1,Av. Henri Dunant - MC 98000 MONACO
TVA Intracomm. FR 54 000105550 - tel. +377 (0) 6 07 93 60 05
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Erik Pascoli

Erik Pascoli born in Turin on January 24, 1942, deceased in Monte Carlo on January 22, 2013
He became well known in 1968 when he crossed the Atlantic solitary on a 7,40 m boat, “Rondetto”, the first Italian to do so.

This event was greatly put in evidence by the English press to the point that the Lord Mayors of Portsmouth and Gasport came to see him off on the day of departure: The fact that Erik was licensed a few months before at Kind Edward College (London) probably played an important part in this event.

It must be said that the approach to this venture was professional and in light of previous experiences.
In fact, before this exploit, Erik Pascoli already crossed the Atlantic two years prior, departing from the Canary Islands with an 8.50. boat built in Las Palmas by himself and his Danish friend, parter in adventure.
This was a true adventure!...The young of Erik’s generation (and even those before ’68) were thirsty for change and any type of adventure, protest or stravaganza, was easily rooted.
It was during that time that his Scandinavian and Anglo-Saxon acquaintances began to calling him “Erik” (the red) and no longer Enrico, all inspired by his full red head and beard.
From this preface it’s easy to imagine what kind of person or “character” Erik already was when, still living in, or as he would say being prisoner, in small town life.
After that first crossing, on which he wrote the book “from Portsmouth to Portsmouth” two more solitary crossings followed with the “Rondetto.”, one of these being the OSTAR ’72: from Plymouth, UK to Newport, RI (USA).

Thanks to the first of these two crossings, done in full winter in the North Atlantic), The Y.C.I. Genova, president Beppe Croce, assigned to him the Trofeo d’Abertis 1970.
After which, there was the Whitbread ‘73/’74: the first around the world sailing race ever organized.
Erik participated with Taurang, a 16.50 m boat, put at his disposal by his Neapolitan friend Gennaro Deflammineis.
This race was marred by the loss of four sailors, one of which belonged to the Tauranga crew. Erik’s great accomplishment was that of being the first Italian to pass Cape Horn in the race. As an outcome he was recognized in 1987 with the plaque of “Man of the Sea” Many other interesting nautical events could be added to the above events, rich in scenarios, lands and characters genuine and already known for taking inspiration and lead an alternative way of life.

The reputation gained by Erik Pascoli, yes, bold navigator but by now mature and thoughtful, allowed him to enter in the closed world of professional captains of great sail boats..
This is how the Mariette saga began the most beautiful historical goletta that roamed the seas in those days. In ’75 Eric recuperated this sail boat in the Caribbean and thanks to his specific competency and the funds put at the disposition of the three prior owners, he brought Mariette to it’s original splendor.
Mariette in ’78 initiated the trend of the historical ships and in their restoration, in a few years the ownership of one of these sailboats became a status symbol and Mariette, thatks to its pedigree became more and more famous and coveted.
Erik Pascoli, won numerous regattas ad cups at the helm of the Maritte in the waters of Porto Cervo as well as those of St. Tropez …where Mariette continues to exhibit itself. As a matter of fact, the complete history of this masterpiece by the American architect Nat Herreshoff came out in press in recent days (Dic. 2010).

Erik Pascoli, after 15 years in union with Mariette, concentrates on another pioneer project, already elected by some time: the first circumnavigation of the Arctic Ocean.
For such an objective he had already started construction on Rondetto 2, a ship of 22 m. nconceived for navigation in glaciers; the ship came to Pesaro in ’83 in the same shipyard that built Azzurra, the Italian challenger of the America’s Cup in that same year.
It is not possible to explain here all the vicissitudes that accompanied this complex and for those times, troubled project….
At the same time, crossing territorial waters and forbidden lands of the USSR (at the time), the USA, Canada and Groenlandia (Denmark) the expedition became delicate and any international turbulence could have put the project up in the air.
From that moment on Erik Pascoli altered his activities in the nautical field (Brokerage & Managing) along with others that could keep up his infinite interest for all of which was pioneering.